When Does Winter Start?

I’ve never paid much attention to when seasons started or ended but just recently while posting a photo of what I thought was an autumn outfit on Instagram, it suddenly occurred to me that I wasn’t even sure if it was still autumn or if it was already winter. With temperatures dipping below freezing point in the UK, as well as last weekend’s snowfall, surely winter can’t be far away if it hasn’t hit us yet!

And so, I Googled , ‘When does winter start in the UK?’ and this is what topped the list of results:


Further reading on the Met Office reveals that these dates are true based on the ‘astronomical winter season’ where the winter solstice (the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year) marks the beginning of winter. However, if we go by the ‘meteorological winter season’, winter would have started on 1 December!

So, when winter starts, or more importantly to me, when autumn ends, depends on which definition you choose to live by: astronomical or meteorological. You learn something new everyday, eh? I’m leaning towards astronomical just because there’s a touch of science that determines the seasons (and a little bit of science is always good), not to mention I don’t want my favourite ‘fashion’ season to end so soon! Which definition would you choose?

With that bit of research done, I can safely share another autumn look with you!



It’s been clear for a few months now that I can’t keep myself away from asymmetric pieces this year and this trend has followed through into this jersey midi skirt. The cool grey shade combined with the jersey material gives this skirt the sense of casualness. The entire outfit is toughened up with the black leather jacket and finished off with black, buckle detail, calf length boots.




This look is definitely one for a milder autumnal day; for a chillier day, the leather jacket can be swapped with a warmer alternative and a cosy scarf can be layered on!

– Outfit details –

top | Uniqlo
skirt | Topshop
jacket | Warehouse
boots | Gabor
bag | Alexander Wang

Stay warm, everyone!



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