Roses in Oxford, UK + A Site Refresh!


Living in the UK means that you’re never too far away from a historical landmark, town or city. Undeniably, Oxford is just one fine example.


If there was ever a better chance to base my shoe choice on the destination, this was it, so without a doubt, I wore my Oxford shoes for this trip.



Throughout this year, I have been steadily increasing the number of floral pieces I own and this all-over rose print jumper is the most recent of the collection. For a casual and comfy look and feel, I paired the jumper with a pair of lightly distressed jeans, rolled up at the hem.




– Outfit details –

top | Oasis
bottoms | Lee
shoes | H by Hudson London
bag | Chloe

Oxford, UK

At around 60 miles West of London, Oxford, as many of you would know, is home to one of the most highly ranked universities in UK and the world: the University of Oxford. It is a city full of ethnic diversity as well as architectural diversity with architecture originating from numerous periods of history since the 11th century right up to the modern day. We strolled casually through the streets of Oxford, getting lost and pleasantly surprising ourselves with beautiful architecture around every corner.

Bodleian Library – the second largest library in Britain and the main research library of the University of Oxford
Divinity School, Bodleian Library
In 1860, the Bodleian Library took over the Radcliffe Library and renamed it to what we know it as now, the Radcliffe Camera
Hertford Bridge (the Bridge of Sighs) – joining the Old and the New quadrangles of Hertford College
Bicycles lining the front of Hertford College
Turf Tavern – a ‘hidden’ old English pub which we accessed through a narrow passage behind the Bridge of Sighs
A view down the High Street


Having been away from the blog for over a month for various reasons, I came back with a fresh pair of eyes and realised a few layout changes were due as I wasn’t getting the same level of satisfaction as I used to get when scanning over my old blog posts. And with that in consideration, I opted to refresh Loops & Layers with a new theme and at this point, I’m loving the simplicity and the sophistication that comes with it. I have to admit, this is the third theme I’ve applied to the blog since joining but, fingers crossed, this one will stick around for a while!



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