Road Trip Comfort & Durdle Door, Dorset


A couple of weekends ago, we made an impromptu decision to drive out of London for the day and visit Durdle Door in Dorset, UK. When heading out on a road trip, (outfit) comfort is a critical factor to get right first thing in the morning as the possibility of nipping home for a change of clothes when you’re already miles and miles away, I’d say, is nil. For me, being comfortable is not limited to but certainly includes the following considerations:

  • allowing yourself to enjoy unrestricted movement while you’re sitting patiently in the car for hours,
  • choosing footwear you can rely on to get you through an entire day of non-stop walking,
  • being prepared for the weather at your destination, and
  • fulfilling all of the above without looking like you just ran out of the house in your pyjamas at an indecent hour at the break of dawn (though I SO wish I could pull that off!).

With all of that in mind, here’s the outfit I assembled together for our day trip to Dorset.




I picked out a cosy puff sleeve jumper, thrown over the most flexible pair of black jeggings and wore my most comfortable pair of trainers for the multi-terrain walking. The loose fitting jumper facilitated the freedom of movement as well as adding an additional layer to keep warm against the coastal breeze.


The Nike Flyknit fabric hugs onto the foot which meant the gap between my ankle and the trainers was minimal so this helped in restricting the amount of pebbles from entering my shoes from the beach. Truthfully, I hadn’t planned for this extra bit of convenience so it came as a surprisingly nice bonus when I emptied my trainers of pebbles at the end of the day!




Durdle Door, Dorset, UK

Durdle Door is approximately 129 miles south-west of London and equates to a casual drive of just under 3 hours in good traffic conditions. Part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, it is a natural Portland limestone arch formed through major geological processes of plate tectonics and the erosion of softer rocks. Surrounded by some of the clearest seas I have ever witnessed in the UK, Durdle Door and its breathtaking 95 mile coastline is a must visit destination for anyone, especially if you have a keen interest in natural sciences as millions of years of the earth’s history is embedded and visible within the multiple layers of rock.




– Outfit details –

top | COS
bottoms | Topshop
shoes | Nike
bag | David Naman


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