Lisbon Edition: Casual Dressing


As I mentioned in my previous post, I took a short trip to Lisbon, Portugal. It was just what I needed; a truly beautiful city full of character, delicious food and to top if off, we were blessed with great weather everyday. I couldn’t have asked for more.

While I aim to document all of the things we managed to see and do in the time we had in Lisbon, I’d like to continue the ‘Lisbon Edition’ of posts by sharing the outfit I wore on the day trip we took to Sintra, a town which is about 30km/18miles away from Lisbon (more on this in a later post).


You may remember the dress from my Friday Frills post last month. As expected, I’m still very much into the frills and the longer length of the sleeves made it perfect for the slightly cooler climate of Sintra.



I’m wearing a braided white leather belt to add some casualness, Birkenstock Madrid sandals for extra comfort and to complete the look, my satchel backpack from The Cambridge Satchel Company, which I must add, I am in love with at the moment! (If you’d like to see what I carried in it for the duration of the trip, check out my ‘What’s In My Bag?‘ post I published a few days ago).



And finally, I’m ending this post with a photo of the breathtaking sunset we caught on the coast of Azenhas do Mar, overlooking the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.


– Outfit details –

dress | Zara
bag | The Cambridge Satchel Company
sandals | Birkenstock

As always, I hope you enjoyed this and thank you so much for reading!



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