Lisbon Edition: What’s In My Bag? + My Thoughts

I never imagined that one day I’d be on a plane, cruising high up above the clouds and drafting up a blog post. It almost feels surreal that this is my current situation but it’s a good feeling. If I was to go back just 2 months, pre-Loops & Layers era, I wouldn’t even have dreamed about being productive on a flight; over the years, all I’ve been accustomed to is the endless and impossible task of forcing myself to nap in hopes of a partial recharge after a sleepless night of last minute packing. Things in life don’t always change for the better so when they do, the positivity and potential should be embraced.

That was a very random thought I had but now that it’s off my mind, let’s continue with the main topic of this post! It should have been published on Thursday but I wasn’t entirely happy with the photos I had taken for the post so I waited for another opportunity to retake them 😐

What’s In My Bag?



You’ve probably guessed from the title that I’m currently in Lisbon, Portugal 🙂 In a non-creepy way whatsoever, I love reading and watching others share what they carry with them in their bags on a daily basis. It inspires me; the bag and the contents. It’s a different story when I’m at home but when I’m on holiday, I choose a bag that will be comfortable to lug around all day and I only carry the essentials to save myself from aching arms amd shoulders by the end of the day. It’s the last thing I want to add to the over-walked and aching legs!

So, for this trip, I’m using my satchel backpack from The Cambridge Satchel Company. Backpacks are a comfortable option as the weight is evenly distributed over both shoulders. It’s the only bag I’ve brought with me and it seems to go with all my outfits too!

From left to right, these are the items I have in my bag:

  • a small purse to hold cards, notes and coins | & Other Stories;
  • tissues, blotting sheets, wet wipes and some girly things;
  • lip oil, lipstick and lip balm | Clarins, NARS and Lanolips;
  • an extra fully charged phone battery | Samsung;
  • in-ear headphones | Bose;
  • a compact mirror | Jill Stuart;
  • and additional items not photographed include: a phone, a bottle of water and travel documents but only when I’m boarding the flight.


Thank you so much for reading and I hope this gives you some inspiration when you’re packing for your next holiday handbag!


P.S. I’m trying to update my Instagram page more regularly, especially while I’m away, so if you would like to see what I’m getting up to, you’re more than welcome to check out my profile, @Ghim_Tan 🙂


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