Crop Tops & Asymmetry


Happy Friday guys! I hope you’ve all had a good week.

Continuing on with the colour palette from my last post and unintentionally at that, I have another blue and white pairing today: a white crop top and a blue denim skirt. I’ve worn both of these items on separate occasions before so if you’d like to see how I styled them, feel free to check out my previous posts: A Rosy Sunday and Foodie Adventures & Denim Dungarees.


Personally, I’m not always comfortable exposing too much of my tummy on a day-to-day basis so when I do go for a crop top, if it isn’t under dungarees then it’s going to be teamed up with high-waisted bottoms. This high-waisted asymmetric midi skirt gives me just enough tummy coverage and the harsh, raw asymmetric hem contrasts with the gentle frills of the top to give some balance to the look.



Although the skirt is quite long, the exaggerated vent allows for just the right amount of breeze to come through to keep me cool on a warm day and unlike a standard, straight cut midi skirt, the large opening also means I’m not restricted to pigeon steps while walking!



– Outfit details –

top | River Island
skirt | Zara
sandals | Accessorize
bag | Chloe

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and have a lovely weekend! It’s going to be a busy one for me filled with holiday planning, packing, blog planning and some pre-holiday shopping…


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