Blending in with the Weekend Sky.


Hope you had a lovely weekend!

When I find myself staring into the open wardrobe with a blank mind on what to wear for the day, I often gravitate towards the nearest black or grey item and in this case, black and grey in one outfit!


I love the idea of backpacks as, depending on the size, you can throw everything you need into it and spend the rest of the day with both arms free but at the same time I am paranoid that it can be easily accessed from behind by a total stranger. I feel like this backpack is the answer to my insecurities! It has a zip closure which is then secured with a metal clasp and d-ring providing that extra level of protection. The only downside? Even I find it a pain to get in and out of sometimes as it is so secure!



– Outfit details –

jacket | All Saints
top | Lee
skirt | Asos
shoes | Nike
bag | David Naman
sunglasses | Dior

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a good week ahead. 🙂



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